Ledger Cashbook Preparation Of Ngo

We offer Ledger cashbook preparation of Ngo in Patna, Bihar. Ngo need to maintain their income and expenditure in a book of account. There are various types of documents and books to be maintained by the Ngo. 

List of Documents and Account books to be maintained by the Ngo to keep there Ngo documents up to date.

  •  Bank Payment/Book & Receipt Vouchers 
  • Cash Payment/Book & Receipt Vouchers  
  • Summary of Daily Petty Cash Book
  • General Ledger
  •  Vouchers and Journal
  • Attendance Register
  • Membership Registration Documents
  •  Register of Fixed Assets
  • Copies of Budget of grants received
  • Utilization Certificate
  • Bill of assets purchased
  • Register for purchase of stationary
  • Quotation of all purchase
  • Donation register

How We Help in Preparing Ledger and cashbook for Ngo

Ledger and cashbook preparation for ngo in patna

On the basis of above documents we can prepare your ledger and cash book for your Ngo. You don’t need to appoint an auditor for this work . We are having a team of expert auditor and chartered accountant which will do it on behalf of you.